Frequently Asked Questions

Intramural sports are setup to give UWRF students, faculty and staff an opportunity to play in an organized league against like-minded individuals on campus. League play typically consists of a five week regular season followed by a one week playoff bracket. Contests are scheduled based on the night and time you register for.

All UWRF students, faculty and staff are eligible to participate in intramural sports. 

More specific eligibility restrictions for current UWRF athletes, former collegiate athletes, sport club participants, CVTC/UW-La Crosse cohort students and professional athletes can be found below.

All team registration, additions to the roster, payment for the league, scheduling, standings, playoff bracketing and results take place through IMLeagues. To access IMLeagues, click here.

Sign-in information for IMLeagues is the same as your campus ID (W# and password). If you are having trouble signing in, please contact DoTS at 715-425-3687.

The fee to play intramural sports is collected at the time of registration. Each individual on the team pays their own fee using the PlayPass system. 

  • To play on one team, the fee is $7.50.
  • To buy an unlimited semester pass, the fee is $25.
  • To buy an unlimited annual pass, the fee is $45.

Teams unable to make a contest should contact the Campus Recreation Department at 715-425-4289 or prior to 1 p.m. on the day of the contest. This allows time for the Campus Recreation staff to notify the opponents, officials, scorekeepers, student staff and facility of the cancelled contest. Without prior notification, the team not showing will be charged a forfeit fee to re-enter the league. If the forfeit fee is not paid by the next contest, the team will be removed from the league.

More information about the Forfeit/Default policies can be found in the Intramural Sports Handbook found below.

Groups of students who want to play together need to elect a captain. The captain oversees registering the team, adding players and handling any forfeit fees and will be the main contact with the Campus Recreation office.

The captain will need to go on IMLeagues to register the team. They will select a league and division for their team. Once the team is registered, the captain can invite all players to join the roster and purchase their PlayPass through IMLeagues. The schedule will be set shortly after the league registration deadline.

Individuals who would like to play on a team but do not have one are able to register on the "Free Agents" list on IMLeagues and hope to get picked up by a team looking for more players. Those students are also strongly encouraged to reach out to current teams to see if they are looking for more players. Campus Recreation will try to help students find a team, but ultimately, those students are responsible for trying to find their own team to play on.



The primary goal of the Intramural Sports program at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF) is to provide students, faculty and staff the opportunity to participate in favorite sports and activities from past experiences as well as to explore and enjoy new sports and activities. Intramural sports consist of individual, dual and team competition in a variety of offerings in men's, women's, co-rec and open leagues. Offerings are varied so there is an opportunity for every individual to participate, regardless of ability. Through participation in physical activity, the intramural sports program seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle, develop friendships and to encourage wise use of leisure time. We invite you to sample several of these activities to discover ones you enjoy and will continue to pursue later in life. We believe there is something for everyone.

The intramural sports staff provides fun, safe and fair opportunities for UWRF students, faculty and staff to participate in leagues, tournaments and events. Intramural Sports should provide lifelong memories for participants. For any questions, comments or suggestions related to the intramural sports leagues, tournaments, events, rules or policies, please contact one of the following staff members:

Contact NamePositionPhoneEmail Address
General StaffGeneral 
Noah RanemCompetitive Sports Student 
Alex PendarCompetitive Sports 

The intramural sports program is indebted to the students serving as officials, scorekeepers, intramural supervisors and student managers. Each student staff member plays a significant role in the success of the program by directly serving participants on a nightly basis. Without quality, dedicated, hardworking students, the Intramural Sports program would not be able to meet and exceed the expectations of our participants. To all of you, THANK YOU!

All students are provided the opportunity to become an official or scorekeeper for intramural contests. Any interested student should complete an online application for employment found here. The intramural sports program does not require officials to be certified by a governing body (WIAA, USSF, ASA, etc.) or even have prior experience officiating, though knowledge of the sport and advanced certifications are desirable. Officials and scorekeepers must attend ALL training sessions for the sport they wish to officiate in order to discuss rules, policies and expectations prior to working. We may limit the number of officials hired per sport based on team registration numbers to ensure each official receives an adequate number of shifts per week.

All current UWRF undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff are eligible to participate in intramural sports within the following restrictions:


  1. Each person is responsible for their own eligibility. 
  2. Team captains are responsible for the eligibility of all members of their team.
  3. Participants MUST present a valid UWRF ID to staff prior to participating in each contest.              
  4. Participants may be added to the official roster anytime during league play, however, no roster additions will be allowed during playoff competition to avoid ineligible participation issues or “roster stacking."
  5. Participants must check in to at least one league contest to be eligible to participate in a playoff contest. Participation is tracked by staff at every league contest.
  6. Each participant may play on ONLY ONE gender specific team and ONLY ONE co-rec team per sport or activity.
    1. A person may not play on both a competitive team and a recreational team, if offered, in the same league (i.e. men’s competitive and men’s recreation basketball). A participant may play on a competitive team and a recreational team in different leagues (i.e. men’s competitive and co-rec recreational basketball).
      1. EXCEPTION:  A participant may compete in a singles league, gender specific doubles league and co-rec doubles league, if offered, in individual/dual sports or activities.
  7. Once a person has checked into a contest for the first time, they are locked to that team for the remainder of the season.
    1. If a participant competes for two teams in the same league, the participant will be assigned to the team they first competed with and all contests the participant played in with the second team may be declared a default loss.
  8. Any player competing in a contest who is not officially listed on the roster will be removed from the contest immediately and play will continue. The player must complete their online registration to join the team roster and check in with staff working the contest prior to re-entering the contest.
  9. Any player under an assumed name (i.e. using someone else’s identification) will be ejected from that contest. That player will be subject to ruling by the intramural sports staff as to future participation.
    1. The team on which the individual is playing will receive a “2” for a sports conduct rating and may receive a default loss for the contest depending on the length of participation from the ineligible participant. Final decision will be made by the Student Manager or Competitive Sports Coordinator.


  1. Members of a current UWRF Intercollegiate Athletic team are ineligible for competition in corresponding sport(s) listed below for the entire academic year.
  • UWRF Basketball → 3 v. 3 Basketball, Basketball
  • UWRF Football → Flag Football
  • UWRF Golf → Golf
  • UWRF Hockey → Broomball, Floor Hockey
  • UWRF Soccer → Soccer
  • UWRF Softball → Softball, Wiffleball
  • UWRF Tennis → Tennis
  • UWRF Volleyball → 4’s Volleyball, Sand Volleyball, Volleyball
  1. Students practicing with intercollegiate teams (i.e. gray shirt, red shirt, etc.) will be treated as intercollegiate team members and are ineligible for intramurals in that sport or corresponding sport(s). 
  2. Any person using NCAA eligibility with an intercollegiate team (on the roster or practicing after the first scheduled contest) will be considered an intercollegiate player for the entire year and remain ineligible for corresponding intramural activity.
  3. Members of current UWRF intercollegiate sports team are eligible for any non-corresponding intramural activity.


  1. Participants who have completed NCAA or NAIA intercollegiate athletic eligibility at any institution will be eligible to participate in that sport or corresponding sport(s) in intramurals the academic year following completion of the sport.
    1. Athletes in fall sports (i.e. volleyball, football, soccer, etc.) completing all NCAA or NAIA eligibility during the fall semester ARE NOT eligible for spring semester intramurals in corresponding sports.
  2. Former intercollegiate athletes from the prior season are only eligible for competitive leagues, when offered, in corresponding sports.
  3. No more than one (1) former intercollegiate athlete per gender the prior season may be listed on a roster in a corresponding sport.
  4. There are no restrictions on athletes two or more years removed per team, though it is strongly encouraged those athletes participate in the competitive leagues, when offered, in corresponding sports.


  1. Intramural teams may have two males and two females from the corresponding sport club on the roster. 
    1. Note: Some sports allow for a slight modification to this rule due to the number of participants on the roster and number of sport club members on campus.
  2. All current sport club members are eligible for competitive leagues only, when offered, in corresponding sports.
  3. Club officers will submit a “competitive” or “traveling team” roster to the Competitive Sports Coordinator prior to the start of the corresponding intramural activity/sport. If a club has not started their season or set their “competitive” or “traveling team” roster by the end of the intramural registration period, the previous year’s roster will be used.
    1. Sport clubs are inclusive student organizations, therefore, only competing members of the club will be considered for eligibility requirements in corresponding sports or activities as to not deter students from participating in both sport clubs and intramural sports and activities.
  4. Teams MAY have both a former intercollegiate athlete and current club member(s) on the same team in their corresponding sport.
  5. There are no restrictions on previous sport club athletes per team, though it is strongly encouraged those athletes participate in the competitive league, when offered.


Students, faculty and/or staff members who would be ineligible for intercollegiate competition because of a loss of amateur status are ineligible for intramural competition in corresponding sport(s).


All students, faculty and staff may participate in the gender-specific league that affirms each participant’s personal gender identity.

  1. A student identifying as a male student may only participate in male, co-rec or open leagues. A student identifying as a female student may only participate in female, co-rec or open leagues. 
    1. Note: “Co-Rec” leagues cap the number of active participants for all genders based on roster size. “Open” leagues have no rule changes or restrictions gender ratios.
  2. All gender related eligibility issues will be subject to review on a case-by-case basis by Campus Recreation professional staff with assistance from the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging office.


An Inter-Institutional Agreement with Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) and UW-La Crosse Cohort was formed allowing student access to specific spaces, equipment and services at UWRF under the following conditions:

  1. Participants must purchase a $160/semester Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA) membership from the Fitness Center Desk at the Falcon Center which grants access to facilities and programming.
  2. Participants must present their Falcon Center membership card and university ID to the staff at the beginning of each contest.
    1. For participants to register for a league or add to a roster, please email Without a valid UWRF w# and password, participants will not be able to access IMLeagues without prior approval from the Intramural Sports office.


Penalty for ineligible player(s) is immediate removal of player from contest. The contest may be forfeited upon the ruling of the use of an ineligible player by UWRF Intramural Sports staff.

  1. Teams found to have more than the allowed amount of eligible intercollegiate or sport club athletes will be allowed to remove the ineligible amount from the roster. Any contests played with more than the allowed number of athletes will be recorded as a default loss. Those athletes removed from the team will be allowed to participate on another team in the same league during that season as long as the above eligibility rules are followed.
  2. If a participant’s eligibility is questioned, a protest should be filed with the Intramural Supervisor immediately.  (See Protests) 

Each sport will be divided into leagues (Men’s/Women’s/Co-Rec/Open/Competitive/Recreational) and divisions (night/time based).  Leagues and divisions are determined by past patterns of participation, facility availability and number of teams interested during registration period. 


Men's, women’s, co-rec and open leagues will be used to better define eligibility requirements of sports or activities. 

Note: “Co-Rec” leagues cap the number of active participants for all genders based on roster size.  Open” leagues have no rule changes or restrictions gender ratios.


When applicable, leagues will be divided into competitive and recreational levels to help separate teams based on skill and experience. Team captains will have the option to register their team in the appropriate league based on desired competition level.

Note:  Higher skilled and experienced participants typically play in competitive league while recreational leagues consist of participants with minimal to no previous experience in the sport. The team captain is responsible for evaluating the ability of the team. Intramural staff may reassign a team in obvious errors of classification.


Within each league and competitive level, divisions will be created to separate night and times of competition. Each sport and league will have different divisions based on availability. 

Example:  A “Monday 9:00” division would play each contest on Monday nights at 9:00 p.m.  A “Tues/Thur 4:30” division would play on both Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30 p.m.. Occasionally, divisions are listed as a night only such as “Wednesday”. Within the division details on IMLeagues, the contest times will be indicated which may include multiple start times in up to a four (4) hour range.


There will be separate single-elimination playoff brackets at the end of the regular season based on overall team records during league play. If time and facility restrictions allow, all teams who maintain an average of a 3.5 sports conduct rating through the regular season will make the playoff bracket. If facility space and time restrict the playoff bracket, qualification may be limited to teams with two (2) or more wins and teams not scheduled for five (5) regular season contests.

Note:  It is recommended teams carry additional subs as contest times may not be the same as league day and times.  Also, it is possible for a recreational league team to move into the competitive league playoff based on skill level, number of entries and/or playoff availability. 


  1. Overall Win/Loss Record
  2. Head-to-Head
  3. Sports Conduct Rating
  4. Point/Game Differential (points/games for – points/games against)
  5. Coin Toss


Intramural staff will bracket playoffs based on final league standings at the conclusion of the last night of the regular season. In general, all playoff contests are scheduled within the normal league nights and times of season competitions. If a conflict occurs, Intramural Sports staff will try to reschedule contests. However, due to facility availability and time restrictions, it may not be possible.  


The intramural sports staff will create a single-elimination playoff brackets with contest times and court/field assignments prior to the conclusion of the regular season. After all contests are finalized, teams will be placed in the bracket by Campus Recreation staff by 5 p.m. on Friday. Teams will be placed into the bracket according to final standing.

Entry fees will be collected ONLINE ONLY at the time of registration by credit/debit card through IMLeagues. Entry fees are collected to help cover the cost of student staff fees, facility rental, equipment purchases and replacement and administrative costs.



  • This pass can be purchased at any point during the semester and will allow for a student to join one intramural team. Students with this pass can enroll on any team in any league as long as they meet the requirements of the league. When the pass is purchased, a student can join their one team. The pass expires upon joining any single team in intramurals. Participants must have a valid UWRF ID to participate in Intramurals. Refunds will not be given for a single team pass. 


  • This pass can be purchased for the entire semester and will allow for unlimited semester intramural play. Students with this pass can enroll on as many teams as they wish, as long as they follow the individual league rules. When this pass is purchased, there will be no need to purchase any other passes for the entire semester. The semester pass expires at playoffs of the second quarter of sports in the semester. Participants must have a valid UWRF ID to participate in Intramurals. Refunds on a semester pass will only be given for a semester ending injury. Participants must submit proof of injury and no refund request will be accepted after Thanksgiving for fall semester or spring break for spring semester.


  • This pass can be purchased for the entire year and will allow for unlimited intramural play all school-year long. Students with this pass can enroll on as many teams as they wish, as long as they follow the individual league rules. When this pass is purchased, there will be no need to purchase any other passes for the entire year. The pass expires at playoffs of the fourth quarter of sports in the year. Participants must have a valid UWRF ID to participate in Intramurals. Refunds on a year pass will only be given for a season ending injury or if a student is not continuing their education at UWRF second semester. Participants must submit proof of injury or that they are not returning. No refund request will be accepted after the start of Thanksgiving break for fall semester or after the start of spring break for spring semester. 


The entry fees for tournaments ranges based on the activity.  Due to minimal expenses and to increase participation, many tournaments/events are FREE.


Refunds will not be processed once league play begins, within 24-hours of the start of the tournament, or in the event of cancellations due to weather, field conditions, or other factors outside the control of the Campus Recreation. Refunds will be processed for leagues and tournaments when low participation numbers lead to cancelled events or if requested by a participant prior to the deadlines indicated above.
Events that are held outside of UWRF facilities are subject to their own refund policy. Please review league registration or contact the Competitive Sports Coordinator with questions.

Intramural Sports leagues and tournaments will take place at multiple location on campus. League competition will use the same facility for all regular season contests. Playoff competition may be moved between facilities in order to complete all contests around other reservations.

    • Knowles is the home facility for Bag Toss, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Big Base, Indoor Soccer and Volleyball. The facility holds four (4) basketball courts, five (5) volleyball courts, or five (5) indoor tennis courts. All jerseys and equipment needed for intramural play will be available for checkout at the courts prior to the contest.
    • The Auxiliary Gym, located in the Falcon Center, is the home for Volleyball, Basketball, Dodgeball, Pickleball and Badminton. The facility holds two (2) basketball courts, two (2) volleyball courts, or eight (8) racquet sport courts. All equipment needed for intramural play will be available for checkout at the courts prior to the contest.
    • Hunt Arena is the home facility for Broomball and Floor Hockey. This facility houses the only ice sheet on campus. All equipment and jerseys needed for intramural play will be available for checkout at the arena prior to the contest.
    • Page Arena is the home facility for Volleyball and Basketball. The facility holds two (2) basketball courts or three (3) volleyball courts. All equipment needed for intramural play will be available for checkout at the courts prior to the contest.
    • The Intramural Sports Complex is the home facility for Flag Football, Soccer and Softball. The facility consists of four (4) softball fields and a combination of up to seven (7) soccer or flag football fields. All equipment and jerseys needed for intramural play will be available for checkout at the fields prior to the contest.
    • Ramer field is the home facility for Soccer, Flag Football and Ultimate Frisbee. The artificial surface (turf) may be used for some additional league play or playoff competitions, when available. All equipment and jerseys needed for intramural play will be available for checkout at the fields prior to the contest.
    • UWRF houses five (5) sand volleyball courts throughout campus. These courts will be used for Sand Volleyball. All equipment needed for play will be available at the courts prior to the contest.

The following are responsibilities of the team captain.  Please select a team captain who will ensure the following are completed to avoid any potential issues with your team’s status in the league or conflicts related to contest scheduling, management and overall rules and policies.

  • Register team in desired sport, league and division on IMLeagues during open registration period.
  • Relay policy and rule information to all teammates prior to the first contest.
  • Fill roster with appropriate number of participants by noon on the day of the first contest.
  • Keep up to date with league information from website, IMLeagues and emails.
  • Notify team members of the date, time and place of each contest and make certain the team is prepared to play at the scheduled time.
  • Ensure each team member has UWRF ID or CVTC required identification at the playing site.
  • Confirm all team members are checked-in prior to each contest with the Intramural Sports staff.
  • Ensure team members play in accordance to the rules of the contest, behave and conduct themselves with the highest sports conduct and abide by intramural policies.
  • Sign scoresheets at the end of every night ensuring that results are correctly recorded. By signing, captain’s indicate final score, contest winner and sportsmanship are accurate.
  • Remain in contact with the Intramural Sports staff throughout the season.
  • Act as a liaison between the Intramural Sports staff and their teammates. In the event of a discipline meeting, the team captain may be requested to attend the meeting along with member(s) of his/her team.

To create a fun, safe and comfortable environment for all, the Intramural Sports staff reserves the right to change team names deemed inappropriate and/or offensive. Name changes may happen without notice during the season. Team names deemed excessively inappropriate or repeat offenders will be referred to the Associate Director of Campus Recreation or the Dean of Students.

Each sport or activity has specific rules unique to UWRF Intramural Sports due to participation and eligibility requirements, resources available, facility availability, or time restrictions of each contest. For a complete list of rules, visit IMLeagues or click here.

Intramural team registration, league payments, roster additions, schedules, playoff brackets and league information is found on IMLeagues.

*Note: IMLeagues offers a live chat support button in the top right corner of all pages.  Please use this button if you encounter any difficulties as this will allow you to chat directly with IMLeagues developers who can assist you with IMLeagues specific questions


  1. Go to IMLeagues.
  2. Sign in using your UWRF ID (w#) and password. 
    • *Note: This pulls information directly from the university database. Any issues with the username or password should be directed to DoTS (715-425-3687).
  3. If it is your first time signing in, you will be asked to complete necessary information like name, campus email, gender, year in school and phone number.
  4. Once signed in, your individual homepage will open where you can view your upcoming contests, create a player profile and view player and team statistics.
  5. Click on the “University of Wisconsin-River Falls” or “Intramurals” tab on the top of the page to view the school homepage where you can find upcoming leagues and tournaments, register a team, request to join a team or become a free agent.


  1. Log in to IMLeagues and navigate to the school homepage (see above).
  2. Click on the sport/activity you wish to join.
    • *Note: Check the registration dates if you are having difficulty registering for a sport.
  3. Choose the league you wish to play in (i.e. Men’s Competitive, Co-Rec Recreational, etc.).
  4. Choose the division you would like to play in (i.e. Wed 9:15, Mon/Wed 4:00, etc.).
  5. Click on the “Register/Signup” dropdown menu on the right side of the division name.
  6. Select “Create Team” and follow the prompts through the registration process and participant quiz.
  7. When the team is created, click on the red banner that says “PAY NOW."
  8. Select to use Pay Package.
  9. Select the pass to use, purchase or upgrade. It is not recommended to use the renew option as it does not credit towards the reduced upgrade fee. For full details of the Play Passes available see "ENTRY FEES" above.
    • *Note: Teams cannot be created without completion of the quiz and collection of payment.  Payment must be collected online using a credit or debit card.
  10. Captains can invite members to their team by clicking the “Invite Members” link on the team page. Any invited members must accept the invitation to be joined to your team.
    • If prospective team members have an IMLeagues account, you can search their name directly.
    • If they have not registered an account on IMLeagues, scroll to the “Invite by Email Address” box and input their UWRF email address.


  1. Log in to IMLeagues and navigate to the school homepage (see above).
  2. Either:
    1. Accept a request from the captain to join their team OR
    2. Search for the team you wish to join and send a request to the captain.  The captain will have to approve you prior to being listed on the roster unless they set the team roster restrictions to “Auto-Approve Members."
  3. After joining the team, click on the red banner that says “PAY NOW."
  4. Select to use Pay Package.
  5. Select the pass to use, purchase, or upgrade. It is not recommended to use the renew option as it does not credit towards the reduced upgrade fee. For full details of the Play Passes available see "ENTRY FEES" above.
    • *Note: Players will not be eligible without completion of the quiz and collection of payment.  Payment must be collected online using a credit or debit card.


If an individual wishes to join an intramural activity but is not affiliated with a team, he or she may place his/her name on the free agent list. The free agent list will be available for each sport, league, or division on IMLeagues. It is the responsibility of other teams looking for additional participants to contact free agents to join their team. Free agents may also contact teams looking for participants to try to get picked up on a team.

  1. Log in to IMLeagues and navigate to the school homepage (see above).
  2. Click on the sport/activity you wish to join.
    • *Note: Check the registration dates if you are having difficulty registering for a sport.
  3. Choose the league you wish to play in (i.e. Men’s Competitive, Co-Rec Recreational, etc.).
  4. Choose the division you would like to play in (i.e. Wed 9:15, Mon/Wed 4:00, etc.).
  5. Click on the “Register/Signup” dropdown menu on the right side of the division name.
  6. Select “Free Agent” and follow the prompts to input specific information about yourself.
  7. If selected to be added to a team, follow “Joining a Team” steps above.


All contest schedules, results and standings will be posted on IMLeagues.  League schedules are subject to change throughout the season; please check the schedule prior to all competitions. Contests postponed due to inclement weather will be posted on IMLeagues and the UW-River Falls Intramural Sports Facebook page and all participants listed on the roster will receive an email. Contests will be rescheduled only if time allows. Playoffs brackets will be posted on IMLeagues.

  1. Log in to IMLeagues and navigate to the school homepage (see above).
  2. Choose the sport and league you wish to view.
  3. Use the navigation bars on the right and left to view the schedules, results and standings or click on the specific team to see their schedule.

The IMLeagues APP is the official smartphone app of IMLeagues and UWRF Intramural Sports. This app allows all IMLeagues users and UWRF participants convenient access to individual schedules, results, team rosters and all aspects of IMLeagues from your smart phone. The app is FREE to all users and available for download through the Apple iPhone and Android app stores.

The responsibility of getting equipment to an activity, the proper dress for an activity and the approved jewelry is specific to each sport. Please check the specific sport rules for clarification. In general, the following rules will be followed:


All necessary equipment will be provided for each sport/activity or is available to be checked out to participants prior to each contest. Game balls are provided for each sport and must be used for competition to maintain a fair contest. Any person checking out equipment assumes responsibility of the proper use and care of the equipment used during the checkout period. Damaged or lost equipment will result in a fee for the participant.


All participants are required to wear appropriate apparel and footwear specific to each sport. Protective padding and specific requirements for apparel depend on the specific sport.


The Campus Recreation Department will provide jerseys or pinnies for team sports, when necessary. Team members can checkout jerseys with a valid UWRF ID from staff prior to the start of each contest. 

  1. All participants using the provided jerseys must wear a sleeved shirt, t-shirt or longer, under the jerseys to prevent contact with skin. 
  2. Teams may purchase or supply their own jerseys. However, they must have legal numbers (0-99) on the back in sports where numbers are necessary. Taped numbers will not be allowed as tape may fall off or can be changed mid-contest.


Due to safety of participants, the following guidelines should be followed for all intramural sports and activities, though each sport may have more specific rules.

  1. Headbands are allowed in all sports and activities. 
  2. Stocking caps are allowed in outdoor sports and activities.
  3. Baseball hats are allowed in bag toss, shuffleboard, sand volleyball, softball, KanJam and tennis only.
  4. Any headwear with a knot (i.e. bandanas or Nike headbands with a knot) will not be allowed.
  5. Small barrettes and bobby pins are acceptable during competition. Large clips that can dislodge or cause harm to others will not be allowed.
  6. Religious head coverings are permitted in all intramural sports.


Due to safety of participants, the following guidelines should be followed for all intramural sports and activities, though each sport may have more specific rules.

  1. All necklaces, rings, watches, piercings and bracelets must be removed prior to competition in any to avoid injury for individuals or opponents in contact sports. Participants may wear all jewelry at their own risk in non-contact sports. *Note: Players can wear stud earrings at their own risk. All other piercings including hoop or dangle earrings will need to be removed.
  2. UWRF Intramural Sports staff will not take possession of any jewelry or assume any responsibility for jewelry misplaced or lost during an intramural contest.

The following rules apply to all league contests. The Intramural Sports staff asks all participants arrive 15 minutes prior to contest time. It is the responsibility of all captains and participants to legally check in prior to contest time with the scorekeeper or staff member working the contest. The scheduled contest time is the expected start time of the contest. In order to keep the schedule of all contests on time, teams not ready for competition at the start of the contest will default/forfeit the contest.


A forfeit results in a “win” and “5” sports conduct rating for the opponent. The forfeiting team receives a “3” sports conduct rating and will be charged a $5 (team) or $2 (individual or dual) re-entry fee to be paid by 1 p.m. on the day of their next contest.  The fee will be assessed to the team through IMLeagues and must be paid by credit/debit card.  Forfeits occur when:

  1. A team notifies the Intramural Sports staff of the inability to play prior to the start of the contest; however, the notification is not prior to 1pm on the day of the contest.
  2. No members of a team show up for the contest; or members of the team show up late to the contest after the officials/scorekeepers have declared a “forfeit”.
  3. Ineligible participants on the roster resulting in a loss after the contest has been played (no re-entry fee charged in this situation).


A default results in a “win” and “5” sports conduct rating for the opponent. The defaulting team receives a “4” sports conduct rating and has no charge for re-entry into the league. Defaults occur when:

  1. A team notifies the Intramural Sports staff by 1pm on the day of the contest of the inability to play. This allows the Intramural Sport staff time to notify the opponents, officials, scorekeepers and facility staff of the cancellation; thus, saving the department from paying for staffing and facility rental.
    • Teams wishing to default must notify the Intramural Sports staff (608-785-4289 or by 1 p.m. on the day of the scheduled contest.
  2. Members of a team attempt to play the contest and show up but are unable to field a competitive team.


  1. If neither team has members show up to the contest, a double forfeit will be declared and both teams will receive a “3” for sports conduct rating and be charged the appropriate re-entry fee to be paid by 1pm of the day of their next contest.
  2. If both teams have members show but neither team has the minimum amount of participants at the scheduled contest time, a double default shall be declared. Both teams will receive a “5” for sports conduct rating and not be charged a re-entry fee.


Failure to pay the re-entry fee by the designated time, or a second forfeit, default, or combination of the two in the regular season will result in elimination of the team from remaining league play and playoffs.

Exception: If a team forfeits a contest due to ineligibility, the Intramural Sports office may grant an additional forfeit/default to the team prior to removal from the league.

The development of appropriate sports conduct is one of the major goals of the Campus Recreation Department at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. A team is responsible for the actions of participants and for spectators directly related to the team. Conduct of participants and spectators before and after the contest is as important as the conduct during the contest. An individual or team must be able to accept defeat wholesomely without blaming others. Teams and individuals will be held responsible for both their own and their team’s behavior. All intramural participants are expected to adhere to section 17 of the UWRF Student Code of Conduct. To discourage non-positive conduct, the following policies have been adopted:

  • DISRESPECT TOWARD STAFF, OFFICIALS OR SCOREKEEPERS is subject to immediate dismissal upon request of any Intramural Sports staff member. Participants, captains, spectators, coaches, or entire teams may be asked to leave the playing area and/or facility if displaying inappropriate behavior and/or using abusive language. Any contest may be forfeit if a team, coach, individual participant, or spectator exhibit inappropriate or disruptive behavior. The decision of the supervisor, official and/or scorekeeper in such cases will be final. A Sports Conduct Rating no higher than “2” will be given to the team.
  • SHOVING, STRIKING OR FIGHTING WITH A STAFF MEMBER, OFFICIAL, SCOREKEEPER OR OPPONENT before, during and/or after a contest, even though there may not be contact, will result in an indefinite suspension from all intramural sports/activities. The suspension will carry a minimum length of the current semester. A Sports Conduct Rating of “1” will be given to the team.
  • DISPLAYING POOR SPORTS CONDUCT is subject to disciplinary action for participants or teams including technical fouls, yellow cards, ejections, or a team forfeit. A team displaying inappropriate conduct leading to a forfeit of the current contest will also receive a team suspension for the following contest, including any playoff contests. A Sports Conduct Rating of “1” will be given to the team.
  • ALCOHOL, TOBACCO OR DRUG USE of any kind by participants, coaches and/or spectators associated with any team at an event sponsored by the Campus Recreation Department is PROHIBITED before, during and/or after any contest. Any evidence or suspicion of this may subject the team or teams involved to forfeit the current contest and further disciplinary action. A Sports Conduct Rating of “2” will be given to the team.
    • NOTE:  A staff member suspecting a player, coach and/or spectators associated with any team of drinking and/or using drugs at any time prior to, during and/or after a contest has the right to remove such individuals from the premise. Staff members may also contact University Police to assist in the removal of rule violators.

The Sports Conduct Rating System has been designed to emphasize the importance of good sporting behavior at all contests. Teams will be scored from 5-1 based on their behavior and conduct. The behavior of a team and all participants of that team including, but not limited to participants, coaches and spectators will be rated according to conduct before, during and after the contest. Teams must maintain an average rating at or above 4.0 in order to make the playoffs. Individuals and teams will be rated for their conduct in all regular and playoff contests on the following scale:

    • Teams, participants, coaches and spectators cooperate fully with the rules, policies and intramural staff. They display respect for their participants and their opponents. Teams start each contest at this level. Any default win, default loss, or forfeit win will receive a “5”.
  • GOOD - 4
    • Teams, participants, coaches and spectators exhibit a good level of sportsmanship but may have a few questionable conduct issues related to but not limited to rules, policies and attitude displayed towards the Intramural Sports staff. Teams may receive a warning, which is a courtesy reminder to encourage a high level of sports conduct.
    • Any flagrant foul, technical foul, yellow card, or unsporting penalty will result in a reduction of the sports conduct. Teams will receive no higher than a “3” for any penalty for poor sports conduct. Actions may include but are not limited to taunting, baiting, constantly questioning the judgment of the intramural staff, rough play, or threatening opponents or intramural staff. Any forfeit loss will receive a “3”.
  • POOR - 2
    • A team having accumulated multiple unsporting fouls, technical fouls, double yellow or red cards, or having ejected participants will receive no higher than a “2”. The team captain and all participants penalized for poor behavior must meet with the Intramural Sports staff prior to be reinstated.
    • Any team unable to complete a contest by rule because they have accumulated multiple unsporting fouls, or the contest was stopped because the safety of participants and staff was in danger will receive a “1”. The team will be suspended and will have to be reinstated by the Intramural Sports staff prior to be reinstated.


  1. Ejected participants are ineligible from ALL intramural sports/activities from the point they are ejected from a contest until they complete a reinstatement meeting.
  2. A second ejection will result in disqualification from that activity for the remainder of the season and may impact participation in other intramural sports/activities.


  1. Participants ejected from a contest for unsporting behavior will serve a minimum one (1) contest suspension of the next scheduled competition (including playoffs).
  2. Suspensions will be served in the activity and league the participant was ejected from.
  3. In order for a participant to serve the required suspension, the participant’s team must compete in a contest in order for a contest to count toward a suspension. Forfeits, defaults and cancelled contests will not count toward a suspension.


  1. It is the responsibility of the ejected participant to schedule a reinstatement meeting with the Intramural Sports staff prior to the next intramural contest.
  2. It is the duty of the team captain to notify an ejected player of the reinstatement policy.
  3. Any period of suspension will not begin until after an ejected player has met with the Intramural Sports staff and served the suspension issued.
  4. Penalty for an ejected player playing in another contest in the same or different intramural activity prior to reinstatement will result in possible forfeit of contest(s) played in and additional suspension time of ejected participant.

Team captain and/or acting team captains are allowed to file protests in order to resolve issues related to eligibility of participants, rule interpretations by officials or a scoring error. Teams may not protest the judgement of an official. To file a protest, the captain may notify the intramural supervisor or coordinator at the time of competition or fill out a Protest Form on the UWRF Intramural Sports website.


  1. Player eligibility can be protested up to 24 hours after a contest. If an eligibility protest is made during a contest, the teams will play the contest under protest as staff working the contest does not have the ability or time to check eligibility during the contest.
  2. If an eligibility protest is upheld, any team with an ineligible player automatically forfeits the contest in question.
  3. Any protest of eligibility will verify the eligibility of all participants on both teams of the contest in question.
  4. The Intramural Sports staff can consider the eligibility status of any player at any time.


  1. Teams may not protest a judgement call by an official. However, teams or individuals may protest the interpretation of a rule made by an official.
  2. Team captains or an acting captain can initiate a protest by declaring "I want to protest."
  3. After a team captain declares a protest, the officiating crew will notify the intramural supervisor. The supervisor is responsible for documenting the protest and will assist in the protest ruling.
  4. A protest can be denied by the supervisor because it is a non-protestable call or the protest is tardy in accordance with the sport rules. 
  5. Every effort will be made to resolve the protest promptly. The intramural staff will do their best to make a decision onsite with the information provided in order to continue the contest. If needed, a review by Intramural Sports staff may be conducted the following day with a final decision made at that time.


  1. Teams may protest a scoring error or the score of the contest by notifying the official. Protests of a scoring error must take place as soon as possible in order to resolve the error in question. Once the captain signs the score sheet at the end of the contest, the score is final.
  2. Officials have the final say on scoring errors with information provided by the scorekeeper, the intramural supervisor, or any other Intramural Sports staff. The decision by the official is final.
    • Exception: Supervisor or scorekeeper may make final decision in non-officiated sports/activities. 

Power rankings will be completed and posted on a league level for team sports only. Power rankings may be available weekly on UW-River Falls Intramural Sports Facebook page by Friday at 5:00 p.m. starting after the completion of the third full week of the season if enough teams register for the leagues. Rankings are completed for fun only. The Intramural Sports staff does not take into account power rankings in the final standings or in any playoff seeding.

Social media outlets will be used in an effort to get more information to participants on a daily basis including schedule changes, weather cancellations, scoring updates, results, playoff brackets and championship photos. It is strongly suggested that participants follow each of the social media outlets to stay up-to-date with all aspects of UWRF Intramural Sports, including nightly photos from competition.


  1. Intramural champions receive specially designed t-shirts. These shirts will be presented to winners with a maximum allowance per team designated below. All team members in attendance must sign a Championship T-shirt Form indicating they received a shirt and agree to allow UW-River Falls Campus Recreation to use the team photo for promotional materials, including online through social media outlets.
  2. Captains of championship teams will be given t-shirts for those members on their roster who were not in attendance during the championship contest (up to the allocated amount).
  3. Teams with more members than the allocated amount of t-shirts are able to claim extra t-shirts at the end of the semester after every team has been awarded shirts. Please contact the Intramural Sports staff after the championship if extra t-shirts are desired. Intramural Sports staff will notify your team captain at the end of the semester if extra shirts remain.
  • Basketball: maximum of 12
  • Big Base: maximum of 18
  • Broomball: maximum of 14
  • Dodgeball: maximum of 18
  • Flag Football: maximum of 16/20
  • Floor Hockey: maximum of 14
  • Soccer: maximum of 12/18
  • Softball: maximum of 20
  • Ultimate Frisbee: maximum of 12/16
  • Volleyball: maximum of 14
  • Wiffleball: maximum of 20
  • 4’s Volleyball: maximum of 14
  • Individual Sports: maximum of 1
  • Dual Sports: maximum of 3
  • Special Event: based on event


  1. The UW-River Falls Campus Cup is awarded to the top intramural sports “group” throughout the semester based on points earned from each sport or event offered. Every intramural sports team is eligible to accumulate points for a designated group.
  2. Registration for a group is completed once per semester through IMLeagues in the Campus Cup tab. The captain should register a group within two weeks of the first scheduled contests of the semester. The affiliation name must remain the same for each sport or event to count towards the campus cup standings.
  3. Roster size for your group is limited to a maximum of 25 total players. Teams associated with your group may only be made up of members listed in the group roster. Participants may be added to the roster throughout the semester. Additional members above 25 (including any substitutes for one contest) will result in a point deduction.
  4. Qualifying teams will be limited in team sports to one team per league per sport. Singles and doubles teams will be limited to two teams per gender per sport.
  5. Awards will be presented to the first place team at the end of the semester. All group members will receive a Campus Cup Championship prize and forever have their team name engraved on the Campus Cup trophy.

For more information about the Campus Cup and the point breakdown, visit Intramurals

Minor first aid treatment will be provided by Campus Recreation staff during intramural contests. Any player who is bleeding must leave the contest immediately. Bleeding must be stopped and the wound securely covered with a bandage before that player can continue playing. Intramural Sports staff will have minor first aid supplies with them at all times to treat injuries.

Injured individuals must report to the Intramural Sports staff on duty so proper documentation can be completed on an injury report (regardless of the severity of the injury). If necessary, a student severely injured in contests may need emergency treatment at the local emergency room. In this situation, the student assumes all financial obligations.

Participation in all programs sponsored by the UW-River Falls Campus Recreation Department is voluntary. UW-River Falls and the Campus Recreation Department are not responsible for accidents or injuries incurred during participation. Each student is advised to carry his/her own health insurance. Insurance is available through the university if desired. All students registering online through IMLeagues, or at the time of the contest with an add sheet, sign, either electronically or on paper and agree to the following:

“By enrolling in UW-River Falls (UWRF) Campus Recreation programs, participant understands these activities carry certain inherent risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. They range from simple scrapes and bruises to bone fractures, heart attack, paralysis and death. Therefore, you are advised to seek the approval of your physician before participating and to have health and accident insurance in effect as no such coverage is provided by UWRF, the Board of Regents for UW-System, or the State of Wisconsin.

The participant agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the State of Wisconsin, the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System and the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, their officers, agents and employees, from any and all liability, loss, damages, costs, or expenses which are sustained, incurred, or required arising out of the actions of the participant in the course of engaging in Campus Recreation programs.
Participant understands that UWRF may take photographs and or videos of participants and activities. Participant agrees that UWRF shall be the owner of and may use such photographs and or videos relating to the promotion of future programs. Participant relinquishes all rights that may be claimed in relation to the use of said photographs.

Participant authorizes UWRF and its designated representatives to consent, on his/her behalf, to any emergency medical/hospital care or treatment to be rendered upon the advice of any licensed physician. Participant agrees to be responsible for all necessary charges incurred by any hospitalization or treatment rendered related to this authorization.

Parents enrolling their child (under 18 years of age) in UWRF Campus Recreation programs agree to these terms on behalf of their child.”

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