Let's Play!

Intramural sports are one of the most popular extracurricular activities on campus. With more than 15 leagues and tournaments per semester, IMs offer a wide range of opportunities to keep playing sports you love or try your hand at something new. Whether your goal is to have fun while staying active or to compete for the coveted Intramural Championship t-shirt, there's something for everyone!

Students participate in a sand volleyball tournament on campus


All team registration, schedules, standings, results, playoff brackets and notifications regarding IMs are run though IMLeagues. To access IMLeagues, click here. To sign in to IMLeagues, use your UWRF W# and password. Password issues on the initial sign in page can be directed to dots@uwrf.edu or 715-425-3687. Any other questions? Contact us at campusrec@uwrf.edu or 715-425-4289.

League Play

Leagues happen each "quarter" of the academic year (September-October, October-December, January-March and March-May). Offerings vary each session based on weather and facility availability. In general, each league consists of five regular season contests followed by a one week playoff bracket. Most sports offer Men's, Women's and Co-Rec leagues and some leagues are split into Competitive and Recreational divisions to further break down the competition level. Teams will select a designated night and time frame for competition during the five week regular season. Playoff contests won't always remain consistent with the schedule for regular season contests. 


All UWRF students, faculty and staff are eligible to play IMs. Unless otherwise indicated, each participant is able to play on one Men's or Women's team AND one Co-Rec team. Participants can't play on more than one team per gender, with the exception of Singles and Doubles for individual/dual sports. UWRF students, faculty and staff must have a valid membership to the Falcon Center, or purchase a day pass, to participate in an IM inside the facility. Outdoor sports don't require a membership.

Chippewa Valley Technical College students, UW-La Crosse Cohort students and other students visiting UWRF for the semester and who purchase an Inter-Institutional Membership at the front desk of the Falcon Center may also participate in IMs.

Campus Cup

The UW-River Falls Campus Cup is awarded to the top intramural sports "squad" throughout the semester based on points earned from each sport or event offered. Every IM team is eligible to accumulate points for a designated squad.

Registration for a squad is completed once per semester through IMLeagues in the Campus Cup tab. The captain should register a squad within two weeks of the first scheduled contests of the semester. The affiliation name must remain the same for each sport or event to count towards the Campus Cup standings.

Example: If your squad name is FALCONS, you must register all teams under the name FALCONS. Individual or dual teams may be registered as "FALCONS – John Smith" or similar variation to create distinction between teams. Points will only be tabulated for teams with the same/similar name.

*All other intramural sports rules apply to squads participating in the Campus Cup.  No special treatment is given to campus cup teams related to registration or contest scheduling.

Roster Size for your squad is limited to a maximum of 25 total players. Teams associated with your squad may only be made up of members listed in the squad roster. Participants may be added to the roster throughout the semester. Additional members above 25 (including any substitutes for one contest) will result in a point deduction. 

Qualifying Teams will be limited in team sports to one team per league per sport. Singles and doubles teams will be limited to two teams per gender per sport.

Example: A squad could have one men's, one women's and one co-rec team count in each team sport. A squad could also have two men's singles teams, two men's doubles teams, two women's singles teams, two women's doubles teams and two co-rec doubles teams in an individual/dual sport.

Awards will be presented to the first place team at the end of the semester. All squad members will receive a Campus Cup Championship shirt and forever have their squad team name engraved on the Campus Cup trophy displayed in the trophy case outside the Campus Recreation office suite in the Falcon Center. 

Campus Cup Points Table


Campus Rec uses a PlayPass system where individuals will make their own payment to play when they join a roster or create a team. Three options are available for PlayPass purchase. Explore below to learn more about each option and read frequently asked questions.”

This pass can be purchased for the entire academic year and will allow for unlimited intramural play. Students with this pass can register for as many teams as they wish, as long as they follow the individual league rules. When this pass is purchased, there will be no need to purchase any other passes for the entire academic year. This pass expires at playoffs of the second semester of the academic year (May). Participants must have a valid UWRF ID to participate in IMs. No refunds will be issued.

This pass can be purchased for the entire semester and will allow for unlimited semester intramural play. Students with this pass can enroll on as many teams as they wish, as long as they follow the individual league rules. When this pass is purchased, there will be no need to purchase any other passes for the entire semester. The semester pass expires at playoffs of the second quarter or sports in the semester. Participants must have a valid UWRF ID to participate in IMs. No refunds will be issued.

This pass can be purchased at any point during the semester and will allow for a student to join one intramural team. Students with this pass can enroll on any team in any league as long as they meet the requirements of the league. When this pass is purchased, a student can join their one team. The pass expires upon joining any single team in intramurals. Participants must have a valid UWRF ID to participate in IMs. Refunds will not be given for a single team pass. 

One purchase of this pass will count towards a credit on the semester pass if a player chooses to upgrade after an initial purchase of the single team pass. Renewing the single team pass will not count towards continued credits on an upgrade.

When a participant signs into IMLeagues to register a team (as a captain) or join an existing team (non-captain), that person will have the option to select the pass they would like to purchase (or use if previously purchased). 

A participant may upgrade their pass throughout the semester if they start with a single team pass ($7.50) or a semester pass ($25) but decide to move up a level later.

Any player that arrives the day of the contest and is not on the roster will be asked to join electronically with their phone either using the website or the IMLeagues app. Outdoor contests at the IM Complex may allow paper add sheets due to connectivity issues.

Players joining electronically will be asked to pay when joining the team. Players adding with an add sheet will be allowed to participate for one contest. They will show as "unpaid" on the roster moving forward until they log into IMLeagues and pay the team fee or purchase a pass. If a player fails to do so, they will not be allowed to play until a pass is purchased.

The fee for the individual team PlayPass was based on averages of what players would pay for full team sports in the past. With this system, players are taking the responsibility of payment to become eligible to play intramural sports.  
The semester pass ($25) starts to give players a discount on participation when they join their fourth team of the semester. The annual pass ($45) gives players unlimited participation after the sixth team they join for the year. When considering that a participant could play on 12 racquet sport teams per year (singles, doubles and co-rec doubles each quarter), the Annual Pass ($45) is half of what a participant would pay if they spent $7.50 for each team.

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