Adding or Changing Meal Plans

Need to add a meal plan or make a change to your current meal plan? Explore below to find information on meal plan additions and changes. Questions? Reach out to us at, we're here to help! 

Do you...

  • live off campus and want to add or change your meal plan?
  • live on campus and want to change your meal plan  for a future semester? (Students living on campus also can change their meal plans using the housing and dining web portal instead of filling out this form)
  • Please note: Meal plan changes for the current (fall 2023) semester have ended as of Sept. 8, 2023.

Click the button below to access the meal plan add and change form.

If you're withdrawing from the university or you're no longer required to have a meal plan, please click the button below to complete the meal plan cancellation form. 

*Please note: The fall semester meal plans automatically roll over to spring semester. For example, if you're on the 14 Weekly plan for fall semester, you'll be on the 14 Weekly plan for spring semester unless you take action to change the meal plan.

This conversion feature is only available for 120 Block and 60 Block Plan participants. This option allows you to convert up to 30 of your meals into Dining Dollars. Conversion is only allowed during the stipulated time frame (typically weeks 2-4 of a semester). 

Important! Once meals are converted to Dining Dollars, they can't be converted back into meals. Dining Dollars cannot be refunded should the meal plan be cancelled for any reason!

 Fall 2023 block meal conversion dates are over.  Your next opportunity to convert meals will be for the Spring 2024 semester.  The conversion dates are Jan. 29 to Feb. 16, 2024. 

During the limited conversion period, block plan participants can convert between one and 30 meals into Dining Dollars (limited to the remaining balance of your account). These meals are converted at a rate of $6.00/meal (maximum $180 in Dining Dollars). 

As a reminder, unused fall semester Dining Dollars carryover to spring semester ONLY if you have a meal plan during the spring semester too. Dining Dollars do not carry forward from spring to fall semesters. Any Dining Dollars not used by the end of spring semester are forfeited. *In some situations, Dining Dollars carried forward from fall to spring may not be available for use. Contact for more information.

If you're on an existing meal plan, you may purchase additional flex/block meals. We offer two options for purchase: 

  • 25 Flex/Block meal add on: $210
  • 10 Flex/Block meal add on: $85

Flex/Block meals added to weekly meal plans allow you to have extra meals to use during the same meal period when you've already used your base meal (weekly plan) or you may use flex meals for guests to dine with you. Block/flex meals added to block meal plans allow you to add more base meals to your account if you are running low!

Click the button below to fill out the student meal purchase request form and the cost of additional meals will be added to your eSIS account. Check your UWRF email for a message from when your meals are ready for use. 



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