Hunt Arena Skate School

The Hunt Arena Skate School (HASS) aims to provide a quality learning experience in a supportive environment for all participants. Skaters achieve personal goals while having fun and learning appropriate elements as established by the Ice Skating Institute. All instructors are qualified instructors and students at UWRF. 

We offer learn-to-skate and freestyle classes, an annual ice show and pro's ice (for figure skaters taking private lessons). Questions? Contact us at

A group of people enjoy an open skate session in Hunt Arena

Class Offerings

Future class offerings to be announced! Check back for updates!


Class Information

  • Fall Down/Get Up
  • Marching
  • Standing Swizzle (still)
  • Beginner Forward Swizzle (moving)
  • Beginner Backward Wiggle
  • Prep for Snow Plow Stop
  • Teapot
  • General Control
  • Beginning Stroking
  • Two-Foot Glide
  • One-Foot Glide (right and left)
  • Forward Swizzle
  • Backward Wiggle
  • Backward Swizzle
  • Beginner Stroking
  • Beginner Snow Plow Stop
  • Forward Stroking (6)
  • Forward Crossovers - Right over Left (5)
  • Forward Crossovers - Left over Right (5)
  • One Foot Snowplow Stop (right and left)
  • Backward Stroking (6)
  • Backward Crossovers - Right over Left (5)
  • Backward Crossovers - Left over Right (5)
  • T-Stop - Right Foot Outside Edge
  • T-Stop - Left Foot Outside Edge
  • Right Forward Outside 3-Turn (One Foot Turn)
  • Left Forward Outside 3-Turn (One Foot Turn)
  • Right Forward Inside Open Mohawk Combination
  • Left Forward Inside Open Mohawk Combination
  • Hockey Stop (left and right)
  • Right Forward Inside 3-Turn (One Foot Turn)
  • Left Forward Inside 3-Turn (One Foot Turn)
  • Forward Edges - Forward Outside Edges and Forward Inside Edge
  • Shoot-the- Duck or Lunge (choice of one)
  • Bunny Hop

In our Freestyle class, skaters must have passed Delta. This class runs for 75 minutes and the first 20 minutes of class is power skating with all skaters. The last 55 minutes are small group lessons based on skill and practice time. We take each skater’s individual level into consideration when grouping and work on elements in order of difficulty. The following are ISI Freestyle elements in order.  

  • Forward Inside Pivot
  • Two-Foot Spin
  • Forward Arabesque
  • Backward Edges - Backward Outside Edges and Backward Inside Edges
  • One-Half Flip
  • Waltz Jump
  • Ballet Jump
  • One-Half Toe Walley
  • One-Half Lutz
  • One-Foot Spin
  • Two Forward Arabesques (On either foot - and on either outside or inside edge)
  • Backward Outside or Backward Inside Pivot
  • Sallow Jump
  • Change Foot Spin
  • Any two different jumps from Freestyle 4-5 levels
  • One additional jump combination with any two jumps from Freestyle 4-5 levels
  • Two different spins or spin combinations from Freestyle 4-5 levels
  • Two different arabesques - can be forward and/or backward on different feet and/or different edges. (Cannot be two backward arabesques on different feet.)
  • Flip Jump
  • Loop Jump
  • Sit Spin
  • One-Half Loop Jump
  • Two Backward Arabesques (One each on the Right and Left foot)
  • Lutz Jump
  • Axe Jump
  • Camel Spin
  • Camel-Sit-Upright Spin
  • Fast Back Scratch Spin
  • Left Forward Outside Open Swing Choctaw, Left Forward Inside Open Choctaw, Left Forward Outside Bracket, Right Forward Inside Bracket / Dance Step Sequence
  • Backward Arabesque
  • Toe Loop Jump or Toe Walleye Jump (Choice of One)
  • Lutz Jump
  • Axe Jump
  • Camel Spin
  • Camel-Sit-Upright Spin
  • Fast Back Scratch Spin
  • Left Forward Outside Open Swing Choctaw, Left Forward Inside Open Choctaw, Left Forward Outside Bracket, Right Forward Inside Bracket / Dance Step Sequence
  • Backward Arabesque
  • Toe Loop Jump or Toe Walleye Jump (Choice of One)
  • Split Jump
  • Split Falling Leaf Jump
  • Jump Sequence - Axe / One-Half Loop / Flip Jump
  • Double Sallow Jump
  • Cross Foot, Lay, or Sit Change Sit Spin (choice of one)
  • Spin Combination with change of foot and position
  • Double Toe Loop or Double Toe Walleye Jump
  • Two Walleye jumps in a Row
  • Combination Spin with Change of Foot and Position
  • Flying Camel Spin
  • Jump Sequence - One-Foot Axe/ One-Quarter Flip/ Axe
  • Jump in Opposite Direction (Choice of one - Flip / Loop / Lutz)
  • Double Loop Jump
  • Double Flip Jump
  • Split Lutz Jump
  • Flying Sit Spin or Axe Sit Spin (Choice of one)
  • Jump Sequence - One and One-Quarter Flip / One and One-Quarter Flip / Double Sallow
  • Illusion or Camel-Jump-Camel Spin (Choice of one)
  • Arabesque/Bauer/Spread Eagle Combination
  • Double Lutz Jump
  • Axe / Double Loop Jump Combination
  • Axe in Opposite Direction or Double Axe Jump
  • Jump Combination - Rocker or Counter Jump / Double Toe Assisted Jump / Double Loop
  • Flying Camel into a Jump Sit Spin
  • Double Axe / Double Toe Loop Jump Combination
  • Triple Edge Jump (skater's choice)
  • Death Drop
  • Four Alternating Axes in a Row or Triple Toe Assist Jump
  • Double Jump to the Right and Double Jump to the Left (not in sequence) or Triple Toe Assisted Jump/ Double Loop Jump Combination
  • Three Arabian Cartwheels or Butterfly Jumps in a Row  

Ice Show Information

Showcase your skills during our annual Ice Show, complete with costumes, choreography, music and lighting! The Ice Show takes place on the third Sunday in December and requires attendance at three Saturday practices and a dress rehearsal. Dress rehearsal is 9:30-11:30 a.m. followed by the Ice Show at 3:00 p.m. 

Meet Your Coaches

Skate School Coordinator: 
Leah Flanagan, Campus Recreation 
Office: A110 Falcon Center 
Phone: 715-425-4172 

Skate School Coaches: 

  • Hali Tasler
  • Alyssa Smith
  • Meggan Daniels
  • Laura Schlacks
  • Sierra Belcher
  • Sydney Hoopaw
  • Tayler Olson



Explore below for answers to commonly asked questions and tips to help participants get the most of out of HASS! And don't forget to practice outside of class! Your HASS nametag gets you in to Open Skate for FREE during our eight week session for registered skaters!

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to get your skates on in time for your class and to receive any new information that you might need for the lesson.
  • Classes will start promptly at the scheduled time. Be ready to skate at your lesson time.
  • Enter and leave the ice by skating near the boards rather than cutting across the ice.
  • Dress so you are comfortable and warm, but without a lot of bulk.
  • The use of a hockey or bicycle helmet is strongly encouraged.
  • Having skates that are sharp is as important as a good pair of skates. Skate sharpening and skate rental are available for a small fee.

PARENTS: Please make sure your skaters understand what is expected of them so everyone involved will have a great skating experience.

  • Skater Expectations
    • Be ready each week to remain engaged in a 30 minute class. (Many three year old skaters are ready to skate, some are not quite there yet. We ask parents to use their best judgement when registering.)
    • Be on time.
    • Bring a positive attitude.
    • Listen to your instructor.
    • Encourage your fellow skaters.
    • Work hard.
    • Have Fun!
  • At Hunt Arena Skating School, our coaches and staff will do our best to redirect and guide skaters within class to participate in a safe and fun way. To ensure that safety is the top priority and that all skaters are able to enjoy their class environment, the following steps will be taken if a skater's behavior is unsafe or significantly distracting:
    • Verbal Warning
    • Player’s Box (time out) or make them coach’s buddy
    • Remove the skater from the ice for that day and meet with parents

For new skaters under the age of six, we recommend starting them in figure skates to learn proper balance and technique, even if they want to become a hockey player. We suggest switching back to hockey skates when they are comfortable doing crossovers. We highly discourage double bladed skates.

Hunt Arena rents both hockey and figure skates for $4 per day.

Make sure to dress warmly with a pair of gloves. Snow pants can be a good idea for beginners. We recommend - but don't require - a helmet. Hockey or bike helmets work well.

We do not offer a discount for families with multiple skate school students, however, all skate school students are able to utilize our open skate times for FREE!

Due to high volume, we no longer offer make-up lessons. You may, however, try for a different time slot one week, if needed. The free open skate pass is a great way to make up for missed ice time.

Private lessons can start as early as needed. Private lessons are more expensive than group lessons but offer one-on-one attention that some skaters need to excel. Fees for private lessons go towards ice rental time and a coach's private lesson fee. Please see the coaches list for a list of of available coaches.

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF) strives to provide a safe and secure learning and working environment for everyone involved in university activities. Children come into contact with UWRF employees through various programs, camps, and events. If you suspect any misconduct or have concerns regarding interaction between any child and UWRF employee or student, please visit

Hunt Arena Skate School

185 Emogene Nelson Ave.
A105 Falcon Center