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"Applying for UWRF Campus Recreation was by far one of the best decisions I made while in college. I gained so much from working here and I couldn't have asked for a better job. The staff became more like a family to me, people I knew I could rely on. My overall confidence as a person and my communication skills with customers improved drastically during my time working for Campus Recreation." - Staff Member, 2019-2020

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Application Timelines:

OngoingPersonal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors are continually recruited and hired as needed. Intramural Officials/Scorekeepers are recruited, hired and trained based on sports offered throughout the year.
February 1Applications open for 2023-24 service staff (Rec Services, Falcon Outdoor Adventures and Intramural Sports Supervisors).
March 11Applications for service staff received by midnight will receive full-consideration for the 2023-24 staff. Late applications will be accepted but will only be reviewed when positions become available or on an as- needed basis.
March 14 - March 31Applications reviewed by Campus Recreation staff.
April 1 - April 15Interviews conducted and positions offered.
April 18 - April 29Training and job shadowing.

*Campus Recreation will continually accept applications for all positions and hire on a seasonal or as-needed basis through the end of January. At the beginning of February, a new application opens for the following academic year.

Profile image of Freddy the Falcon
"Working for UWRF Campus Recreation has been one of, if not the best part of my college career. I have made lifelong friendships and have had so much personal growth. I will never forget all of the memories I have made working at the Fitness Center, Hunt Arena and Knowles."
Staff Member, 2020-2021

This position is involved in all areas of Falcon Outdoor Adventures' (FOA) programming, including the Rental Center, Climbing Wall, Outdoor Trips Program and Bike Shop. FOA Staff report to the Outdoor Recreation Coordinator and Student Supervisors. Responsibilities include equipment rental/repair and rental center operations, climbing wall operations and special events, outdoor trips logistics, preparation, facilitation and (if applicable) Bike Shop operations. This position may require night and/or weekend hours.

Compensation: Starting at $12/hour

As a Group Fitness Instructor, you are expected to be a knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming to everyone in your classes and teach a class that is safe and appropriate for all attendees. Campus Recreation expects all employees to have a positive attitude, show up for work on time, dress professionally and perform all assigned duties in a professional manner. In addition, Group Fitness Instructors are responsible for providing fitness instruction, supervision and a supportive exercise environment to all group fitness participants. Class offerings range based on instructor's certifications, interests and abilities.

Compensation: Starting at $12/hour (about ~$20/class).

This position will work closely with the Competitive Sports Supervisors, Competitive Sports Student Manager and Competitive Sports Coordinator. Responsibilities will include enforcing departmental policies and contest rules for any number of intramural sports including basketball, broomball, dodgeball, floor hockey, soccer, softball and volleyball. Officials can work any number of sports they desire as long as they are in attendance for all training sessions prior to the start of the sport. Additional duties include maintaining a safe and fun atmosphere during intramural competition and facilitating fair play among participants.

Hiring remains open all year. Officials for each sport will be hired and trained in the weeks leading into the intramural sports season. Please check the intramural sports schedule to see which sports are upcoming.

Compensation: $10/game

This position will work closely with the Competitive Sports Student Manager and Competitive Sports Coordinator to manage the overall operation of the Intramural Sports program. Competitive Sports Supervisors will manage all aspects of the Intramural Sports program in the evenings. Responsibilities will include supervising Intramural Sport Officials/Scorekeepers, managing facility setup, preparing equipment for contests, answering questions from participants, troubleshooting issues throughout the shift and enforcing departmental policies and contest rules in sports including badminton, basketball, broomball, dodgeball, flag football, floor hockey, kickball, soccer, softball, ultimate frisbee and volleyball. Supervisors will be asked to work multiple sports on multiple nights throughout the week  An ideal candidate will have great communication, organization and leadership skills as well as be able to take control of situations involving peer-to-peer conflicts.

Compensation: Starting at $12/hour

Fitness Center Personal Trainers are responsible for assessing, creating and implementing training programs for their unique clients. The trainer is also responsible for all scheduling of clients and tracking accurate records of client's attendance, payment history and scheduling a meeting for an initial consultation.

Compensation: Starting at $15/hour

This position will work closely with the Recreation Services Student Manager and Assistant Director of Recreation. Responsibilities will include enforcing departmental policies and procedures for a variety of Campus Recreation programs that take place within the Falcon Center. Rec Services Staff will also work at the front desk of the Falcon Center and Knowles Center where they will greet patrons, manage facility access, make court reservations, sell faculty/staff and community memberships, control inventory of day use equipment (i.e. basketballs, volleyballs, etc.) and oversee all open recreation activities. The ideal candidate will have great communication, organization, and cash-handling skills while being able to work alone in a high-energy environment.

Compensation: Starting at $12/hour

Hunt Arena Skating School provides kids and adults in the community a place to learn to skate and to advance their figure skating skills. As a coach you will be responsible for teaching classes in both eight week sessions (Session 1: October - December, Session 2: December - March), creating your own lesson plan and teaching the required skills of ISI. Coaches also assist in the production of the Annual HASS Figure Skating Show, which includes script writing, choreographing routines, creating props and costumes and all other facets associated with a production. Coaches are expected to be able to work with all levels from beginners to freestyle. They must be good with kids and have at least two years experience coaching figure skating. Coaches must be able to prove that they have passed at least Freestyle 5 or USFS Juvenile Freestyle. HASS is an ISI program and follows the skills associated with this program.

Compensation: Based on Experience

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