Sociology is the study of social life and social change, as well as the social causes, conditions and consequences of human behavior. 

Sociologists investigate distinctive perspectives on the world, generating new ideas and critiquing old ones. Almost everything we do, from our own private reflections to international conflict, is done either directly or indirectly, through and with others.

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Sociology Major

Sociologists understand social inequality, patterns of behavior, forces for social change and resistance and how social systems work. Since Sociology examines human behavior - the field of research and theory is vast and applicable to virtually any aspect of social and professional life.

What do sociology majors and minors do? 

Students majoring in Sociology generally follow one of three career orientations relating to their eventual career:

  1. Immediate Career Orientation is for those expecting to seek employment immediately upon graduation. Several career paths are available: criminal justice with jobs in probation and parole, police and corrections, FBI, private investigations, IRS, Security, etc. International/cross cultural with jobs in Peace Corps, International Relations/Foreign Affairs, International Assistance Organizations/International Business, etc. Sociological practice/human services with jobs in vocational counseling, rehabilitation, recreation, health services, etc. Business/industry with jobs in management, accounting, finance and investment, personnel, marketing, etc. Social action/social change with jobs in community organization, religious work, political advocacy, etc.
  2. A professional orientation is for those seeking a sociology major as preparation for attending professional graduate schools in such fields as law, medicine, architecture, business, clergy or public administration.
  3. The graduate sociology orientation is for students planning to pursue graduate study in sociology as preparation for a career in teaching, pure or applied research or clinical practice in sociology.

A student's orientation should guide his or her choice of electives in the major and the choice of a minor field, as well as consideration of an internship.

Sociology Major—39 Total Credits

Core Requirements 15 cr. hrs.

SOCI 100 Introduction to Sociology
(supporting course - counts 3 cr. in Gen. Ed.)
SOCI 200 Sociological Inquiry 3 cr.
SOCI 201 Theories of Sociology 3 cr.
SOCI 250 Social Statistics 3 cr.
SOCI 300 Research Methods 3 cr.
SOCI 480 Senior Seminar 3 cr.

Content Areas

Take a minimum of one course out of each of the following content areas.

Culture and Community - Choose one course
ANTH 100 Cultural Anthropology 3 cr.
SOCI 210 Social Problems 3 cr.
SOCI 218 Deviant Behavior 3 cr.
SOCI 310 / FILM 310 Sociology Through Film 3 cr.
SOCI 314 / ANTH 314 Faces of Culture 3 cr.
SOCI 316 / ANTH 316 Social and Cultural Change 3 cr.

Diversity and Inequality - Choose one course
SOCI 220 Sociology of Diversity: Race, Class and Gender 3 cr.
SOCI 321 Power and Inequality 3 cr.
SOCI 322 / ANTH 322 Race and Ethnicity 3 cr.
SOCI 326 / WGST 326 Sociology of Gender Roles 3 cr.
SOCI 328 Perspectives on Race Relations 3 cr.

Globalization - Choose one course
SOCI 231 Sociology of Globalization 3 cr.
SOCI 331 / ANTH 331 / WGST 331 Global Perspectives on Women 3 cr.
SOCI 332 Environmental Sociology 3 cr.
SOCI 333 / ANTH 333 Human and Cultural Origins 3 cr.
SOCI 338 / ANTH 338 Global Perspectives on Health and Disease 3cr.
SOCI 395 / ANTH 395 Belize Study Tour 3 cr.

Life Course - Choose one course
SOCI 241 Social Psychology 3 cr.
SOCI 341 Sociology of Later Life 3 cr.
SOCI 342 / WGST 342 Sociology of the Family 3 cr.
SOCI 343 Sociology of Sport and Leisure 3 cr.

Seminars - Choose one course
SOCI 411 Seminar in Culture and Community 3 cr.
SOCI 421 Seminar in Diversity and Inequality 3 cr.
SOCI 431 Seminar in Globalization 3 cr.
SOCI 441 Seminar in Life Course 3 cr.

Other Electives

Choose 9 credits from courses not taken in Content Areas above and/or the following. All must be be numbered 300 or higher.

SOCI 378 Semester Abroad Research 3-8 cr.
SOCI 379 Internship in Sociology 6-12 cr.
SOCI 389 Special Topics in Sociology 3 cr.
SOCI 490 Readings 1-2 cr.
SOCI 499 Independent Study 1-2 cr.

Sociology Minor - Liberal Arts or Education - 24 Total Credits

Required Courses 6 cr. hrs.
SOCI 100 Introduction to Sociology
(supporting course-counts 3 cr. in Gen. Ed.)
SOCI 200 Sociological Inquiry 3 cr.
SOCI 201 Theories of Sociology 3 cr.

General Electives in Sociology/Anthropology 18 cr. hrs.
(at least 9 credits must be at 300/400 level)

Sociology, Criminology and Anthropology

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